Friday, November 30, 2007

And So She Moves On...

Sadly today is my last day in Canada. Early tomorrow morning I move on to Eugene, Oregon.

Canada is beautiful, well at least British Columbia is. I have loved being here with my dear friend Ian and his lovely partner Kera, seeing an old friend and making several new. I don't doubt I will be back to this little corner of the world in the not too distant future. The Sunshine Coast of BC is absolutely stunning, I heartily encourage any and all to come and visit this lovely place. And make sure you call in to Wild Bistro and Bakery and say G'day to Ian and Kera (and enjoy their fab coffee and delicious food).

I am looking forward to seeing new people and places. Oregon sounds amazing, I really can't wait to visit there. And to finally meet Kristi, and Renae too.


Anonymous said...

The sunshine coast IS stunning. I visited friends a while ago in Robert's Creek (near Seachelt). It was beautiful. We even had a bonfire on the beach and watched shooting stars!