Friday, November 09, 2007

Baby it's Cold Outside

No, no snow yet, but apparently Chicago recorded it's first snow of the season last night at O'Hare airport, even if it was just a flurry. But that means I'm getting closer!

It's deliciously cold. Sorry folks back home in Brisbane sweating, but I'm loving how cold it is here. My skin is a little dry and my nose and ears get a little sore if I'm outside too long, but I love it! I have kitted myself out with all of the goodies I need. Huge winter coat that has layers that zip in and out, a knitted zip up hoodie (I feel like Little Red Riding Hood in it), a light scarf and gloves in pale purples that Aly and Jay gave me, lots of long sleeved t-shirts with short sleeved ones underneath, thick socks, and I've invested in a thicker scarf and matching knitted hat (one of those beanies with the ear covers that have ties for under the chin - too cute) and some polar fleece gloves for when it snows. I'm going to look like a coloured Michelin man with all that gear on, but it's such fun!

The only time I really feel the cold is when we go outside. Everyone's homes and businesses are climate controlled with central heating, so you're warm enough and can shed the layers when you get inside. Though I do need something on my feet. I invested in a pair of warm pj's and some fuzzy pink slippers!

What I do need to do is settle in one evening in front of this gorgeous wood stove that Missy and Danny have, it's made of soapstone and cast iron, and it's so solid that the heat just radiates gently from it, rather than blasting you from the mega hot fire inside. I need to settle in with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. If only I had Gus from Grab 'n Go in Brisbane Square to make me that hot chocolate - he makes the best!


Anonymous said...

Kath just so you know it was snowing this AM and they are calling for more snow tomorrow (friday) shouldnt be longer until it gets down there....