Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cow Pies and Cliff Faces

After eating cow pies (and they are chocolate ok, not the original kind that actually come from a cow) for some years now, yesterday I finally got to go to the source. The Baraboo Cow Pie Factory. They've only really got a shop that you can go to, but it's got a LOT of chocolate and lollies available inside. The scent is amazing too. So we did a little shopping there, I got some cow pies of course, some chocolate coated cashews, malted milk balls (not as good as maltesers though) and some gifts for people back home.

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Kelsey, myself and Kayleigh outside the Cow Pie factory.

On our way up to Baraboo we stopped at a place where you can view bald eagles in the trees over the Wisconsin River, but we were a bit early in the year to see any.

We then drove a lovely country route to head up to Gibralter (yes, it is spelled with an E here). On the way we crossed the Wisconsin River on a big vehicular cable ferry at a spot called Merrimac. Pretty place, here's a photo of the view while we were waiting for the ferry:

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Once we got to Gibralter, it was a bit of a walk uphill to the summit. Pretty steep, but what really got me was the freezing cold air, which burned as I pulled it into my lungs. It is so much harder to breathe air that cold than more moderate temperatured air. It was such a pretty walk though, and about half way up it started to sleet. Here's a view looking back down the track as we walked to the summit:

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When we got to the top, the view was amazing. We were there just in time for sunset, and you could see for miles!

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It's a pretty sheer cliff face, I'm not sure how far the drop is. But I'm proud to day I got fairly close to the edge:

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But not as brave as Kelsey:

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The views were amazing. Everywhere looks like a postcard, or like it's part of a Fisher Price set. Here's a view of some farms down on the plains...

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We took heaps of photos, and the best thing was that as we left, we got a blazing sunset. It was stunning!

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And then last night I went out to Great Dane for a fish fry with the Knapps and Amy's mother. Great Dane do fantastic food, I've really liked them both times I've been there. Apparently a fish fry on a Friday night is a very Wisconsin thing to do.


Anonymous said...

just been catching up with your adventures hun. Looks like you're having an amazing time! The photos are gorgeous! love nic (lankylil)

Tera Huff said...

Hi, all the pictures you took were BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing:) They do look like they could be postcards:)

Have a great day!

Aly said...

very cool photos!!!

Leanne said...

amazing photos! Glad to hear you are having such a great time. We have bookclub dinner here tomorrow night..we will be thinking of you.

A said...

Wow! These photos are spectacular! What a great adventure! I can't say that enough!

Debby said...

You're right - those views are amazing!