Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Crappy Day in Paradise

That's completely tongue in cheek, there's nothing crappy about this day. I am sitting in the office of the Wild Bistro and Bakery, in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, writing this blog. I am mere metres away from one of the most beautiful people I have had in my life, Ian, and his lovely partner Kera whom I just met last night. I have just had an amazing cup of coffee and a rhubarb and mango muffin that was to die for. Outside the sun is shining, there is snow on the mountain tops, the Pacific Ocean is glinting down in the harbour a few hundred metres from the front door, the air is cool and clean and I'm told at night the place is likely to see bears, coyote and the odd cougar. It's bloody paradise here!!

Yes, I have arrived in Canada. Flew in from Chicago to Vancouver last night, and Ian was waiting for me at the airport. I have never been so happy to see someone in my life. I missed my old friend (and Ian, that's old as in a friend I've had for a long time, you'll never be old you bugger) and I forgot how much I love being in his company. He hasn't changed a bit really. Accent has got a bit thicker, got a few more greys, but then so have I!

We had some time to kill before making the ferry to get to Gibsons, so he took me to a place called Commercial Road to meet his sister Kim (finally, many years ago I spoke on the phone to her quite often) and we stopped off at a place called The Memphis Grill for some dinner. A carnivore's heaven. Pulled pork with barbecue sauce, good fries, coleslaw, beans and corn bread. Divine but a HUGE serve that I had to leave more than half of to bring back as leftovers. It seems Canada goes the big serves too.

We then drove down to the ferry terminal and waited for the HUGE ferry to come in. Takes about 40 minutes to do the trip and it was quite pleasant. Bloody cold up on the open deck when we went for a look though, couldn't stay there for long. Couldn't see much anyway, dark out.

Got here to Gibsons, stopped off in the bakery for Ian to pick up a few things and for me to have a quick look, and then headed back to his and Kera's house to settle in for the night. Was so glad to finally meet Kera too.

This morning I'm hanging out at the bakery for a bit while they do what they do best. What a fantastic bakery/cafe this is! Everyone, come to Gibsons, BC in Canada, head straight to the Wild Bakery and Cafe. Hurry up, do it! It's only about an hour north of Vancouver. The coffee is fantastic, the place smells like heaven and the muffin I had was divine, and it's such a lovely comfy, homey and funky place. And it's GORGEOUS here. You wait until I take some photos and post them.

Until then, hope everyone is fab and groovy. Email me or post a comment or something. It's lovely to hear from folks while you're away from home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kath! Roberto gave me the link to your blog! So good to see you're having a blast over there. Looks like we're planning a trip to the US as well next year. Should be good. Things at home are still the same old same old. Take care, keep the pics coming! Regards, Shane

Unknown said...

Hi Kath

I am delighting in your blog, I feel that I have been snuck like a stowaway in your luggage! Your descriptions are so vivid and bring everything you are experiencing to me as I am almost there! Life is chugging along tickety-boo and all is well in libraryland (not that you give a rats) Keep up the marvellous blogging Cheers Kerri

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are enjoying yourself - the place sounds absolutely lovely!!! can't wait for picks!