Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the Neighbourhood

Had a bit of shocking news today. I got a phone call this afternoon from my tenancy manager letting me know that there was a possibility that the building would be all cordonned off when I got home from work tonight. One of my neighbours was found dead in his flat today. Seems he had been there dead for awhile.

I personally hadn't seen him for a bit over a week. I usually only see him on the weekends anyway, because both of us work long hours. But he was a nice bloke, he'd always call out hello and we'd have a bit of chat on weekends if we were both around at the same time.

I'm told he was only 55. They think it was something wrong with his liver - he'd been on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago and had been vomiting a bit of blood, but he hadn't thought it was that bad. Particularly as he had had a few drinks, thought he'd over-indulged a bit.

It seems another neighbour mentioned to the tenancy manager today that he hadn't seen him around for quite a few days, and his mail hadn't been collected since last week and his car still had a fishing rod sticking out of it. I'd noticed the mail too, but figured he was away still. I feel kind of bad that I didn't take more notice, that I didn't question things sooner. So the tenancy manager went and got the keys, let himself in, and found Norm. Not a pleasant thing to have to do on your work day hey?

Originally, the police thought it looked suspicious, but they've now ruled it natural causes. I hope he didn't suffer.

They're not sure how long he was there for, at least 3 or 4 days, maybe more. Poor bugger, he was a good neighbour, an honest, hard working bloke who never bothered anyone and was always friendly and polite. I'm sorry he's died at only 55 and that he should go in such a manner. Again, I hope he didn't suffer at all, that it wasn't a painful, lonely death.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Awww... How Cute!

Take a look at what I just found while cleaning up my spare room...


Yes, that's me on the right. Aged two. I actually remember that t-shirt, I really liked it.

The little boy on the left is my cousin (couple of times removed or something, in my family they're all just cousins) Rodney, who is six months younger than me.

I am so glad that his hat is dorkier than mine.