Monday, November 05, 2007

Hola From Chicago

Hey folks!

Well, I arrived in Chicago yesterday morning, after a very early morning. 4am start to be on a 7am flight. Thankfully I slept most of the flight. I was knackered!

Got in safe and sound and met Missy and Rosemary at the airport, who picked Aly and I up and took us to Culvers for some lunch. Rather tasty burgers and stuff - not at all greasy and yucky. Then we came back here to Missy's house and had a few hours chill before we went out for dinner at a little Mexican cafe that had very authentic food. Had tacos and tried Horchata, rice water, which was SO sweet that it made my teeth hurt!

Had an early night after that, was SOOO tired and feeling a bit run down.

Yesterday we met up with Rosemary, Stephanie and Heather and the six of us (with myself, Aly and Missy) went in to Pilsen in Chicago itself, and had lunch at a FANTASTIC authentic Mexican restaurant called Nuevo Leon on 18th Street. The best fajitas con pollo I've ever eaten! Corn tortillas that were so soft, refried beans so yummy, all that stuff. From there we walked a few blocks to the Mexican Fine Arts Museum on 19th Street. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. If you go to Chicago, go there. The Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) exhibit was brilliant. Also went a bit nuts in the gift shop, bought some Dia de los Muertos stuff and a beautiful silver and malachite bracelet.

Went to Borders with the girls for a coffee (finally found another decent coffee here in the US!) and some cake and gossip. Had lots of giggles and chat.

Last night we went to Giordano's in Oswego for Chicago style pizza. It's in a deep dish, not pan thick but with a thinner crust in like a pie shape. LOTS of cheese, whoa! Tasty but soooooo much cheese! You never thought you would hear me say I've been over-cheesed, did you?

Today was a bit of a mooch day, but we did go to Portillos for a Chicago style hot dog for lunch, pretty good. Then went to Lane Bryant for a bit more retail therapy (I'm not telling what I bought, it's private, LOL!) before meeting up with Stephanie and her cute son Bobby to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Man I have to lay off the junk food! But everyone wants me to try all their local yummies, you know?

Oh and we've been to Cold Stone TWICE in three days!

Tomorrow we see Aly off at the airport and I think we're going to a museum or something afterwards. I will have photos later for you hopefully.


Unknown said...

Giordano's is cheesy, but I always have to stop there when I'm in Chicago.

djbobble said...

Sounds like you're going to be eating your way around the US! You should think about writing a book...

Poohgal79 said...

I'm glad you're having a good time. Although I am very jealous you're meeting all these wonderful cysters (and I'm not)!!! Can't wait to read what's going to happen next!

Mari said...

It all sounds so yummy!!
I can't believe that things are cheaper here than in Australia. We always complain about how expensive things are!

Looking forward to your next installment!