Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And She Shops On!

Yes, I have indulged in some more retail therapy today. Missy took me to her local mall, which is now owned by Westfield - Aussie company. Went a bit nuts at Bath and Body Works, have had a bit of an obsession for their stuff for a few years now, thanks to penpals and friends sending me stuff. Restocked on MY perfume (I may be the only person in Australia that wears it - it only comes out at Christmas time over here and I stock up for a year every Christmas) and some other goodies. It's the kind of shop that a scent junkie like me can go into overload at.

Then Missy took me to a beautiful silver shop called Sterling Works, where I completely fell in love with a silver and aquamarine bracelet. I had been given some money for my birthday, which I had put aside to buy myself something special, so that was it, one aquamarine and silver bracelet for me. Here it is:

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It's just GORGEOUS! And since they were offering half price for the second purchase, I picked up the matching earrings:

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I feel so spoiled!

Gave Danny and Missy a taste of a musk lifesaver today. Missy spat hers out. Danny ate his but he said it was like eating soap or hand wash! I'm not complaining, all the more for me. I wonder how they'll go with Vegemite?


Kaytie said...

So you're still having fun, eh? I thought about you all last week--there was an influx of Aussies on holiday in San Diego. :) It has made me want to go back to Australia.

Amy said...

Eew! Musk! It's like eating perfumed sweat. I'll take Vegemite over musk any day.

That bracelet is beautiful. It's great you got something nice for yourself. You deserve it!

charmedkat said...

Hi Kath

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment but we maxed out our usage in 2 weeks! Yikes!!!

Anyhoo, glad you made it safely and it sounds like you are having a great time.

Keep up the blogs.

Cheers, Kat

Anonymous said...

Vegemite MUST be banned, based on smell alone!

Unknown said...

What all did you get at Bath and Body works?