Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You'd Betta Work!

Why is it infinitely more exhausting to teach someone your job than to just do it yourself?

At the moment, 'Berto is on two week's leave. We have the lovely Luke in to help out, and instead of totally freaking him out with 'Berto's job, we've kind of mashed his job and mine together, I'll do all the complex bits that take a long time to kind of get into, and Luke is doing the bits I can just show him how to do and let him run with it.

He's great, picking things up at lightning speed, using lots of common sense and is really keen to have a go.

But I'm worn down to a nub! It's exhausting me to explain what I do and step out how I do it. Mostly because I'm not used to actually thinking about it, I just get in there and chug along and do what needs to be done.

It's good though, because it highlights just how complex the work that we do is. Plus I love the opportunity to "convert" people into understanding why we harp on about the things we harp on about. When seen from our perspective, it's understood that we're not being pedantic, or making procedures and policies just for something to do. When you're the one who has to correct hundreds of records in a database every week, you start to get a bit narky about people not entering them correctly in the first place. When you have to track down millions of dollars worth of assets, following procedural steps to receipt new stock and dispose old stock is of vital importance.

I booked some leave for March today. Three whole weeks off work, which the boss has approved. I don't plan to do a real lot, spend some time with my Grandparents but the rest shall be swanning about doing all the things I seem to never have enough time to do. Lots of reading, some socialising, some relaxing, some movies... just generally recharging the batteries.

Bring on March I say!


TribeRingers said...

I know what you mean about training someone, even if they are still in the same organisation.

I am getting better at it, mind you I don't really do alot of training at this new place as I know jackshite!

Woot! Leave approved, sounds great!