Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009. It's my aim to post at least 365 blog posts here this year. Every little bit of creativity helps me expand my skills and abilities, so I'm going to keep working at it. Even if it's just to share a video or photo, at least one per day. Cheer me on folks, leave comments!

I don't have my word of the day calendar here at home with me, so I will just have to use two words on some days. I took it to work so that I could share the word of the day with my colleague and friend Marlene, who is a book lover and word collector like me.

One of the great joys of New Years Day for me is cracking open all the new diaries and calendars. I love them. I've got a gorgeous purple one that looks like it's coated in purple spun sugar as my personal diary. On my desk here at home is a "Cupcake a Day" calendar that my friend Janna gave me for Christmas. I have a big calendar with lovely big squares for each day so I can write stuff on there. It's going on the wall in my room. I also have a big planner thing that came from the local MP, which I am going to cover the boring (ugly) bits with stickers and stuff. At work I have the word a day desk calendar, as well as a rather dull BCC issue diary. And a SeaWorld calendar by the desk. I love cracking open a new diary or calendar and sitting down to write birthdays and holidays and other important dates in there. Of course, I NEVER open a calendar before January 1st.

I started to watch I Am Legend today. But it got too scary so I bailed out on it. I don't do scary movies. I went back to watching Mythbusters, which is more my bag.

Hey, wanna hear something cool? Stephen Fry is following me on Twitter. I think he found me through Girl Clumsy.

It's bloody hot again today. 8.30pm at night and I'm still sweltering. I think I'm going to move to Canada.


tlcur107 said...

NO, move to Michigan!! :)

Katagal Kapers said...

I don't do scary movies either! My reactions are embarrassing to say the least so safest all round to decline invites to watch anything remotely scary!
The heat is foul at present at least some of the time we can be chilled to give us the energy to endure the nights! However nothing like sleeping buck naked on cool 1000 thread cotton sheets with a fan blasting on you! Works for me or was that completely TMI

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

Ooh, Kerri and Terri!

Ok Terri, Michigan it is!

Kerri - yep, me too, buck naked, super high quality bedlinen, fan. Only way to survive a BrisVegas summer.

isenephyths said...

i haven't seen i am legend yet... i didn't realize it was a scary movie. (we all know how much i love those!)

super-cool about the blog thing!