Monday, January 05, 2009

Carpet or Linoleum?

I spotted this article in my web travels today. It asks what is more attractive, hairy chests or polished pecs.

I have to say I am a hairy chest gal. I find smooth chests, particularly those that have been shaved or wax highly unattractive. It just seems so... pubescent to me. Or gay. I used to know a very creepy gay guy who would wax his chest. Yuck.

But a man with a good sprinkling of hair on his chest... mmmm.... oh to run ones fingers through that lovely hair.

All my favourite men have got hairy chests. I mean, look at William McInnes:


Then there is Jamie Hyneman:

And Hugh Jackman:


What about Campbell Brown:


And this guy:


No, this is not a blatant excuse to post pictures of hot guys, it's a serious debate. Shut up.


Sistah Kepi said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Loved hairy chests since I was 12. And Jamie Hyneman...oh, to be stranded on an island with would never get cold. ;>)

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

Mmm... not only because he's as solid as and furry, but he'd build you a magnificent house from three coconuts and a sheet of aluminium from the wreckage, complete with every appliance and convenience you could ever need.

Gotta love a smart, strong, resourceful man with a hunky body and hairy chest!

tlcur107 said...

I like that last guy! Yum!!

Personally, I don't like the smooth hairless chests either. I don't like a lot of hair on the chest, but just a little is perfect. :)

I'm gonna go back and have a look at that yummy eye candy! Thanks for posting it! hehe :)

Katagal Kapers said...

Hubba Hubba Sister! Now you're talking my language! Not too much but just enough is a pre-requisite for me ie Mr McInnes

Library Nerd said...

Hair. Hair.
No hair is totally... pedophilic.

Sleepydumpling said...

That it is my nerdy friend!