Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Dice with Death - Part 2

Well I'm not dead. I had really hoped to wake up this morning as Spiderwoman, but no, I still need my glasses, am not all buff and fit, and can't shoot web from my wrists (which I am REALLY disappointed about).

However, I have a little festery wound (about 5mm long, 2mm wide) where the two puncture marks were, and it's REALLY sore. No swelling or soreness on the rest of the finger, but that little spot does really hurt far more than I think it should.

Here look:


Now it's not very big but since I took this photo it has got more... yucky and as I said, it's very sore. I'm no wuss with pain, I've been tattooed three times.

I hope it isn't one of those spider bites that rots and then you get gangrene until you have to have your finger chopped off. Yeah thanks Kerri for your Facebook comment to put THAT idea in my head.


Tera said...

I'm sorry to hear you got bit. Hopefully it will quit hurting soon!


Mari said...

I am glad you are OK. I'm so crazy, I would have been at the ER.

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

Mari if there had been ANY swelling or illness, I'd have been there, don't you worry!

Katagal Kapers said...

Go to the DR tomorrow instead of work!

Queen Etherea said...

kath, i hope you're doing ok! do they have brown recluse spiders in your part of the world? i'm sure you will be fine.

too bad about the superpowers though.

Kylie said...

I think you'll be safe Kath. It was probably just a "dry bite" which means no venom was injected. Just hurting a bit due to acute inflammatory response to being punctured. If it were more serious you would probably be severely sick or dead right now. Hope that cheers you up! :D