Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Totally Girlie Blog Post

I can't let the Golden Globes slip by last night without posting a commentary on the fashion.  I just can't do it!

I'm not really interested in the awards or the movies nominated or anything, but I do love the frocks and suits and accessories of all of those big red carpet events.  The best and worst dressed of the night, the dodgy make-up jobs and the hair that looks divine.  So I've collected some pictures from various sources online to share with you.  I think I'll start with the best bits.

My favourite of the night was Anne Hathaway:

Total old school glamour, a colour that suits her milky complexion and dark hair and eyes perfectly, and she was rocking some delicious curves.

My second favorite was Drew Barrymore:


Before I saw the photos, someone described her as looking like she'd been drinking.  I will agree that she's got the whole tousled bed head thing going there, but when you look at her close up, she looks divine!


Fresh, youthful, fun and she's totally rocking that Marilyn Monroe-esque hair style.  Love it!  I also really love the lush red clutch purse she's carrying.

Melissa George got a bit of a caning for this one:


But I like it.  It's retro, very art deco, the makeup and hair is soft and glamorous, she works the black and white well and it has a lovely shape.

Another who did understated glamour really well was Kate Winslet:

But then Kate always does.  I love the detail of the bow on her waist with the jeweled piece.  Just gives it a bit of bling for a special occasion.

Then there was Salma Hayek:


Actually the dress wasn't anything special, she's just GORGEOUS and carries her curves better than any other woman does!

Another one I heard really slammed was Jennifer Lopez:


Ok, I will admit, it does look like she's just taken a length of fabric and expertly (and carefully) draped it around her body.  But you can't tell me she isn't carrying it PERFECTLY.  The lady is a true diva, she just works her thing like no other.  Look at her:


She simply carries herself like a goddess.  Her makeup is soft and fresh, she's glowing all over the place, she's let her dress and skin carry the outfit without over accessorising (look at the rock in her earlobe!) and her hair is sleek and understated.  She's gorgeous.

Now for the bad.  First cab off the rank, Lisa Rinna:


Baaaaa!!!  Mutton dressed up as lamb if I ever saw it.  Too much collagen in the lips, botox in the brows, fake tan and she needs to pull those boobs into line.  Age gracefully honey, beauty isn't about trying to look younger than you are.

Speaking of mutton dressed up as lamb, Cameron Diaz is heading rapidly into that territory too.


I couldn't get a decent close up shot, but the makeup looks like slap, it's really pasted on, heavy around the eyes and the wrong colours.  Soft makeup flatters the signs of ageing far better than a ton of slap does.  And the dress looks like a doona cover, even if it is a pretty colour.

Speaking of doona covers, what was Rachel Griffiths thinking?


She's a really beautiful woman, always regal looking and has a fantastic figure, but this looks like a cheap 70's sateen sheet.  Her hair and makeup is lovely though.  I bet she had nice shoes on too.

One of the weirdest outfits of the night goes to Marisa Tomei:


It's like she just threw on anything from her wardrobe that she could lay her hands on.  It just looks all wrong.  Yet there is a lovely shape underneath that.

But the WTF?!?!? award definitely goes to Renee Zellweger:


I mean between the fright wig hair and that BIZARRE bodice of her dress, what the... frak was she thinking?  I remember how gorgeous she looked in that yellow vintage dress at the Oscars a few years back and then I see this monstrosity... who told her this was a good idea?

Now don't think only the ladies get a mention in this post.  I wanted to post a picture of Mickey Rourke for you all, but it was too frightening to actually paste into the blog.  Go search for it yourself, but make sure you don't let any children, pregnant women or the elderly see it.

Instead, here's the prize for the most ludicrous skin tone of the evening...


I think Pierce has been bathing in carrot juice again.


BruganCampbell said...

Agree with all your top dressed, some of these "stars" make glamour look so effortless.

Girl Clumsy said...

Renee Zellweger is on something. Seriously, I have no idea how to dress - but I could at least take one look at that in the mirror and then slap my stylist.

Mari said...

I have to agree with you on all accounts. Although, over here in the States we have no idea what mutton dressed up like a lamb or a doona cover mean, but from the context I'd say they're not good. I always learn such new colorful phrases from my Aussie friend!!!

Sleepydumpling said...

Mari, mutton dressed up as lamb is a woman who is trying to look younger by wearing younger women's clothes and makeup. It's not pretty!

And a doona is the thing you put on your bed... duvet? quilt? I'm not sure what you call it in your part of the US.

Queen Etherea said...

omg, what the heck happened to pierce??? weird.

i love anne hathaway. simply gorgeous.