Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet Another Obsession

What is it with stationery?

Why does it suck me in?  I just lashed out and bought a packet of GORGEOUS pastel markers yesterday.  I just couldn't leave them in the shop.  I don't need them, I don't know what I am going to use them for (I am not in any way arty or crafty) but they're so beautiful I just had to have them.  They even have pretty names:

Pink Flamingo
Oceanview Blue
Peach Parfait
Cloud Nine Grey
Tranquil Teal
Lemon Bliss
Polynesian Purple
Margarita Green

DELICIOUS!!  Hang on, let me take a photo...


See what I mean?  Delicious.

Is anyone else addicted to stationery?  Do you like pens and paper and folders etc?  Do you have stacks of markers in all kinds of colours, pretty crayons and loads of coloured or patterned paper?  Do you have boxes or packets full of stickers?  Dozens of journals and diaries?

Do you actually use them?  Or are you like me, and buy them and hoard them?

How can I encourage myself to actually use all of this stationery in a creative way?  Bear in mind that I can barely draw a stick figure, and have all the craft ability of a mollusc.


kylie.bradshaw said...

oh those are gorgeous! I also have a penchant for stationary: pens, crayons anything colourful because they have the potential to make beautiful colourful drawings. Even if i never make them, they still have the potential. ALso takes me back to art time at school!

PoohGal79 said...

LOL Kath! I have been collecting pens since I was 13!! In JR High School, there was a machine in my school that for a quarter you got a pen. . . so just about every day I would get a new one! I'm not quite as bad abuot it now, but sometimes, I just have to pick up that pack of new pens! I'm avoiding the stationary isle at the stores currently, becaue I'm DYING for the super pack of all those pretty Sharpie Markers!! I also have the SUPER 96 count of Crayola Crayone (the kids are NOT allowed to touch) and a 50 count set of colored pencils (again for my use only. . .

Girl Clumsy said...

Hi, my name's Natalie and I'm a stationery addict.

I know full when the pull of a fresh, new pen, or the clean white paper of a journal, particularly one with a decorated cover.

I'm not as bad as I used to be - but I still buy pens or pencils from virtually every city or major attraction I visit. I've got a bag full somewhere... mostly unsharpened gift pencils... ;)

tlcur107 said...

I'm the same way hon! I love stickers and markers and pens. I don't have as much stationary as I used to, but I love it. :)

Have you considered scrapbooking? I'm far from creative, but I can throw a page together. :) That would be a good way to use the stickers and markers. :)

Katagal Kapers said...

Umm yeah, perhaps not quite as much as you do! But I buy pens specifically for puzzle writing, I collect sharpies - which are my favourite of all favourite markers
I once bought a very very expensive Derwent watercolour pencil pack and a few colouring books - it's actually great relaxations except when you go over the line. I can't go to office works because I would spend my pay in there just on stationery - so yeah I totally get you in this post

TribeRingers said...

I am one of those said people, buying stationery for work was necessary - making it all pink and funky was not necessary.
I also bought a big pink pencil case to put everything in....