Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remember Press Gang?

I've been going a bit retro with my DVD watching this weekend. I joined Bigpond Movies recently and found that I could get the great English TV series from the late 80's, Press Gang. It was the launching pad for Julia Sawalha, who you'd also know from Absolutely Fabulous (Saffy) and the 1995 BBC series version of Pride and Prejudice (Lydia).

I think a lot of people wrote it off as a kids show, but DAMN it was good. Great storylines, a flawless cast of talented kids, and very believable. In particular, it had some REALLY cute boys in it, most notably the very beautiful Dexter Fletcher. God that kid was gorgeous. All huge eyes, dimples and soft lips.


It's really hard to find pictures of him back then, but he really was a good looking kid. And cheeky cute too.

For a show aimed at teenagers, it had some of the best dialogue you will ever find in television. Really quick, witty and treated it's audience as intelligent. I loved it then and I've discovered I really love it now. So glad I can watch the whole run of the show thanks to Bigpond.


Lee said...

So what do you mean you can watch this thanks to Bigpond? I too am with Bigpond (newly) and may be interested in revisiting this series...

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

Bigpond Movies is a DVD service they offer. I pay $20 per month and can have up to 8 DVD's per month that they post to you and have reply paid envelopes for you to send them back.

It's not great for the new release stuff, but REALLY good for TV series. I don't watch live TV (crap reception and never available at set times) so I love watching TV series on DVD.

Felicity said...

What a memory you just brought back! My Mum and I actually watched Press Gang together! She loved it too!