Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am not afraid to say Ho Ho Ho, I am a woman and I don't find it offensive at all!

Well it is 8.30am on Christmas morning. I have had SO much fun here in Michigan for Christmas so far, and I don't doubt that I will have more fun today and beyond.

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day, spent chilling and catching up on the small mountain of laundry I accumulated in New York. But then Terri and Dan took me to Dan's family Christmas Eve dinner, which was SO much fun. I felt so welcome there, and they have the most beautiful Christmas traditions. They also have small kids in their family, which always makes Christmas magical. Such cute kids they all are too.

The highlight for me was Santa coming to visit. Everyone, not just the kids, had a fantastic time, and it was very special that the hostess of the house, Dan's aunt, asked Santa to include me too! So here I am with Santa...


We had a delicious dinner, and again, everyone made me feel so welcome and I had so much fun.

From there we went on to spend some time at Terri's aunt's house, which was also lovely and welcoming.

And yes, it's a white Christmas! We haven't had a REAL lot here in Dearborn at Terri and Dan's house, but we've had some, which is all that matters. There is a little on the ground outside (enough to lob snowballs!) and make it good and cold! There was more out at Terri's aunt's place, I wish I'd have taken photos. But here is Terri and Dan's street:


And here I am all rugged up out at Frankenmuth on Sunday:


No laughing at the hat or this is what you will get:


And if you doubt how cold it is there... check out the creek:


I'm loving it!


Unknown said...

Wow! I love that last picture of the river. So quaint!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Kath!