Friday, January 04, 2008

I Am Still Alive Folks

I know, I know, I haven't blogged for ages. Sorry about that. I've actually been sick with the flu. In a round about way, it worked out for the best that I came back to Chicago early, because I wouldn't want to foist myself on anyone with this flu that I hadn't already met, and just haven't had the energy to do anything but mooch around the house.

It has been SO cold here. Yesterday's warmest temp was 15F. People, that's -9C. And that was the WARMEST it got. It was down below 0F over night, so that's colder than -17C. We had more than 24 hours of snow the other day, which has given us well over a foot deep of it on the ground where left alone. I spent New Years Eve building my first snowman, and having a bit of a snowball fight with Missy. I throw a mean snowball if I do say so myself!

I have lots more photos to share with you all, but I'll do those later. More pics of Michigan, LOTS from New York City and some of the snow around here.

So Happy New Year everyone! For the folks back home, I'll be flying out of Chicago on Monday (7th January) and arrive home early on Wednesday (9th January). Give me 24 hours or so to sleep, and then I'll start contacting you all to see you again. I can't believe almost three months has gone by since I've seen you all!


Anonymous said...

Oh....good to hear from you...I had been wondering. Hope you're coming good now.'s odd to think you'll be back next week. It seems to me like...What already? Time flies.
Y'all take care now.


Deborah W. Halasz said...

Wow.... three more days and you'll be heading back. I'm glad this trip was everything you needed it to be. And, I hope you'll be back soon!

Queen Etherea said...

glad to hear from you... sorry you're still under the weather though. the flu is no fun. *hugs* get better soon!


VivC said...

I so wish I could have met you this trip. I never got the dates in my head correctly, though!