Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Few Minutes of Fame

I'm quite chuffed that I've been blogged up over on Spy Journal 3.0 as a featured Geek Girl Blogger.

On the weekend, Tim put the call out on Twitter asking if anyone new any geek girls that could be featured on his blog, and I asked if I was geeky enough for what they were looking for.  A few emails later, a bit of a survey for me to fill out, and today I'm up there in front of everyone!  *blush*

If you'd like to have a look, go to:


TribeRingers said...

Congratulations and well done.

I look forward to checking out both your blogs.

I must say though I'm not sure why it is still considered 'geeky' to blog etc. :)

Sleepydumpling said...

It's not the blogging that is geeky, it is the GIRL that is geeky.

We geek girls are proud of our geek girl status. And I love that SpyJournal is celebrating geek girls and their work.