Friday, April 10, 2009

An Easter Question

Question:  Do athiests ever make disparaging, disrespectful remarks about Judaism/Buddhism/Islam/Hinduism etc?  Or do they just reserve it for Christianity?

Because I tell ya, I'm over the bullshit floating around today from the athiest set, making comments like "Happy nail your God to a stick day" and things like that.

All I have to say is "Shut the fuck up and enjoy the PAID public holiday that you're more than happy to take, despite it not being about your personal beliefs.  And keep your disrespectful comments to yourself."

Thank you, that is all.


Girl Clumsy said...

I am more than happy to insult or make cracks about any religion.

And I had to work from 4am to midday today (Good Friday).

BruganCampbell said...

There is always one or more in the crowd.
I bet I know who that person calls for when they are in trouble.

It's like the uproar about not getting a public holiday for ANZAC day - is about commemoration, just not a day off work.

(Ooh amazing I expressed an opinion!)

Anonymous said...

Easter is pretty much about christianity though. It's not a holiday based on Buddhism.

Having said that though, I don't know why you take it personally. Everyone has their views, if you don't agree with it ignore it.

Sleepydumpling said...

lila-bris - But do you see insults for Ramadan or Hannukkah?

I don't take it personally, I just find it really wrong that it's acceptable to make such disrespectful comments, yet if I say that I respectfully disagree with an atheist principle, then I'm labelled as some kind of narrow-mind. It's just really rude and people shouldn't be subjected to that kind of bullshit.

Nat - you're one of the rare ones. But can I ask... would you insult any other religion to their face?

Paul Rasmussen said...

I will come out of the cloest I am an atheist, but for me and a lot of atheists,we could not careless what other people believe. You can have a great big faith party if you want and it makes no difference to me. The only times i tend to voice my views is when someone else (religious and i dont care which one) tries to convert me. Then the knives come out, but even then it is not about religion as such but smacking that person for not respecting my beliefs. To me everyong is entitled to their belief system, except where it infringes on the rights of other. And you are right its a public holiday be happy about that if nothing else

Sleepydumpling said...

Yep, it's all about respect. And I've been seeing a whole lot of ugly disrespect over the past 48 hours from people who are otherwise very cool.

Nerd of the Library said...

You're awesome, Kath! Love your work!