Friday, April 17, 2009

Awesome Slow Cooker Chook Recipe

I was recently asked for my recipe for roasting a chicken in the slow cooker.  This one is MEGA easy, and I can tell you, amazingly delicious.


Ok, what you do is, get some tinfoil, and scrunch it up into balls about the size of an egg.  You need about six of these for an average sized chicken.  Put them in the bottom of the slow cooker, and arrange them so that they'll support the chook and keep it from touching the bottom/sides.

Then get your chook, either stuffed or empty, and rub butter all over it's skin.  You can even put a couple of dobs of butter under the breast skin if you like.  This makes the skin crispy, because you won't get the browning effect that an oven gives.  Doesn't matter if you're making gravy, that's for sure.

Sit the chicken on the tinfoil balls in the slow cooker.  Make sure it's not touching the bottom or sides of the slow cooker.

Grab a lemon, cut it in half, squeeze the juice over the chicken.  Works just as nice with lime, orange or grapefruit too.

Then get a herbs or two you like.  I particularly like rosemary with lemon, coriander and parsley with lime, basil with orange, but it's whatever you like.  If they're fresh, chop 'em up.  If dried, no need.  Sprinkle a handful over your chook, the herbs will stick to the juice and butter.

If you want, you can drop a clove of garlic or two in the bottom under the chicken somewhere.  The steam from the juice cooks it and it flavours your chicken.

Put the lid on the slow cooker, turn it on auto, then go to work.  When you come home that night, there is an awesome roast chicken for dinner!!

How easy is that hey?  I have heard that you can use potatoes instead of the foil balls, and they cook nice (I think you need to prick them if you leave the skin on) to go with the chook.  But I haven't tried it yet.  I think I will next weekend!


Katagal Kapers said...

can iz comz to your house for noms - it sounds delish

Sleepydumpling said...

Hell yes Kez! I will do something about cooking this baby up for you in the not too distant future!