Monday, April 06, 2009

High School Daze...

My 20 year high school reunion is on over Easter.  I'm not going.  Not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed, or because I feel uncomfortable, but simply because I'm not interested in any of the people who ARE going.

It's funny, but the very people who would never have spoken to me in high school are all clamouring to be my friend on Facebook or get in touch with me these days.  The very same girls that would never have sat anywhere near me in class, now send me emails and Facebook messages saying "Oh it's so awesome to see you, you've been up to so much since we left school!"

This is because the absolute pinnacle of their lives was high school.  They were at their most popular, beautiful, confident and interesting during those high school years.  Once they left school, it was all downhill from there.  Most of them were married young, had kids young, many divorced young... and that's about all they've done with their lives.  They were so wrapped up in being beautiful and popular and following what they thought was how you lived life, that they forgot to LIVE.

The thought of spending several hours in the company of these people is so boring that I just can't be bothered going.  Nor can I be bothered contacting them back or friending them on Facebook.  I feel no anger or bitterness towards any of them, really just disinterest and in some cases, pity.

There are a few people I would like to see that will be at the reunion, but I'd rather catch up with them some other way later on.  Without the distraction of people who I have no interest in trying to get some attention.

Would you go to your high school reunion?  If yes, what attracts you to it?  If no, why not?

I actually don't have any photographs of me as a teenager (until I was about 18 or 19), but here's one of me just before I started high school (holding primary school graduation certificates):

I wish I still had legs like that!


BarefootMdn said...

It has been thirty years since I have graduated.I have very little interest in going for the same reasons you give. Some people were so unpleasant toward me that I would rather walk away.

There are a few fond memories, but I kind of prefer to leave them there, as memories.

Robin said...

Cute picture!

I would definitely go to my high school reunion. I'm in touch with a lot of people and of course would like to see them. But I'd be really interested in catching up with others too that I wasn't close enough to stay in touch with. And since I live in the same city I graduated from, it wouldn't be a matter of having to travel. It would be pretty easy to just go one night. :)

TribeRingers said...

Hmm, amen to all you have said.

Nerd of the Library said...

Can I just say... I LOVE the shoelaces in that picture?

I didn't go to my highschool reunion because I wasn't interested.
I went to 2 highschools: one was a co-ed school, one was an allgirl's convent. Ironically, I am in touch with people from grade 8 & 9 at the co-ed school, but only a handful from the convent. It was a different climate in the convent and I felt there weren't a great deal of 'grounded' people there. The co-ed school had more down to earth types and we had a lot more adventures in grade 8 - just heaps of fun.
It is hard to know what to talk about after 20 yrs of school, so I can understand your decision not to go.

Anonymous said...

my parents had a stereo like that too - wait - they still have it!