Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ahhhh.... home!

I am home, safe and sound. Although my luggage is not. It got caught up in the confusion of the delays in Chicago due to storms, and it's somewhere over the Pacific on the next Qantas flight to Brisbane as we speak. But the good thing is that Qantas, best airline in the world, will actually deliver it to my door tomorrow after it arrives. Which is mighty decent of them, considering it was American Airlines that buggered it all up!

Everything else was pretty low trauma, I did get delayed in Chicago but American Airlines fell for my sob story and squeezed me in on another flight to LA, which got me there in time to make my Qantas flight to BrisVegas. And then when I got on the Qantas plane they told me they'd changed my seat allocation... and I ended up with a WHOLE ROW to myself! How sweet is that? So I got to lay down on all of the three seats and get some decent sleep, as well as not having people climbing past me to go to the bathroom (I always sit on the aisle) or meals handed over me. It was very comfy indeed.

It's stinky, sweaty muggy here in BrisVegas, I'm quite over it already. But I'll get used to it I daresay.

No jetlag yet, but it's early days. I've not got to be back at work until Monday, so I have plenty of time to adjust and get the body clock into gear. Not that I'm in any hurry to go back to work, I could quite happily be a lady of leisure.

I haven't forgotten about the photographs, they'll get done, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful travels.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you made it home safely, hope that your luggage arrives soon. Looking forward to your pics! :)


BruganCampbell said...

Welcome back, hope you are settling back in OK and are feeling good. Toodles.