Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Late Night Quickie

Get your minds out of the gutter you lot!

It's gonna snow tonight!!!! It's been getting colder and colder all day, the sky has been building in to big, icy grey clouds, and on the weather tonight they said that Denver is going to have light snow flurries. Wahooo!!! I hope it's still around in the morning for me to see.

I just wanted to add to my earlier post, for the BCCLS folks reading this, both Denver Public Library and Highlands Ranch Public Library use SirsiDynix, have 3M self check machines and are running the Envisionware software for their internet booking system. I know, I'm a nerd, I notice these things. But I must say, Highlands Ranch are using RFID, and Denver (much, much bigger library service) aren't.

Went to a fantastic restaurant tonight, Damascus in Denver. Delicious Syrian food, the best hummus I have ever eaten and a lentil soup that was divine. Must jump on Trip Advisor to give a good review for that one.

And for those of you stirring me that I'm online a lot it's because I'm being mellow ok! The first week of holidays is for relaxing, not charging around like a madwoman. I'm here in Denver for almost two weeks, so I have plenty of time to see stuff.

Tomorrow is lunch at a reputably good Mexican restaurant followed by some serious retail therapy!


Anonymous said...

You are a bit of a library nerd, but thats cool - the buildings look fantastic.
Did you sort out the tipping for services?

Amy said...

WOW! I expected there to be something on here by now...but not this MUCH! It's FANTASTIC, keep it up if you can. Great to hear you're having such a fantastic start to your trip. I'm still stuck on the Ben & Jerry's...mmm, YUM! Make sure you have a funnel cake (can't remember if that's how you spell it...but they are GOOD!) I'll check back more regularly now to keep updated and be ready for Grandma's reports!Take care but most of all have FUN!! Luv Amy

amy said...

Well???? Did you get to see the snow?

Amy said...

I love your food reviews. I'm going to take you to greasy spoons! But good ones.

Sleepydumpling said...

Kels - Tipping is ok, but the whole 5c/10c thing is really bothersome! See my latest blog for details.