Saturday, October 20, 2007

Challenge Me!

A friend suggested today that I throw out a challenge of things that I should see/do while I am on this trip, and I could make a note of them and run it kind of like a treasure hunt for experiences, not items.

I like the idea! So I am challenging all of you, my blog readers, to challenge me to do or see things while I'm in the US. I know I won't be able to do them all, but

I'd love to have a go at doing or seeing as many of them as possible.

Now, I am restricted to where my itinerary takes me. So here's a list of locations so far, I can always add more if it changes...

LA Airport
Wisconsin (Madison mostly, but also Milwaulkee)
Chico, CA
San Francisco
Somehow down the West Coast and across the south to...
Up the Atlantic Coast to...
Lancaster, PA

So they're all the definites. Now it's your turn to leave me comments with ideas, suggestions and challenges for things I can do on my trip, experiences I can have, things I can see.
Hit me with your best shot people!!


Anonymous said...

I love the treasure hunt idea!! So cool. If it was me I would go with:
Eat pizza in Chicago

Hit the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre(personal interest of mine feel free to skip it)

Photo with Mickey Mouse(I'm such a kid)

Times Square in NYC

Hershey Chocolate factory in PA (Hoping to be there for that one)

Unknown said...

A white knuckle ride on a Harley... any highway you choose. Even a closed one like Route66.


Kristie Lee said...

Uhm, Branson Missouri and visit the Titanic Museum, and the 50's diner (the Hardluck Cafe I believe) where they sing to you while you eat, and ride the Ducks! This was AWESOME!!! How about the Paddleboat while you're there too.

Denver - there's an awesome Mexican food restaurant there called Casa Bonita, I believe. Has a gold dome. Looks little on the outside HUGE on the inside. Note: this visit is for the atmosphere - not the food!!! cause the food's OK, but not anything to write home about!

Robin said...

Post a picture and story about your favorite bookstore in each city!

Mari said...

While in Lancaster, be sure to eat a Moon Pie, some Chow Chow and Shoofly pie!!