Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sixth of the Sixth

Another cute meme I found on Adorably Distracted today.  This one is to go to my 6th picture folder, then post the 6th picture in that folder, and explain.

So mine is:

Watermelon Juice

Which gives me a happy, because any excuse to post a picture of a shirtless William McInnes is a really good thing!

For those of you who don't know me very well, I am possibly William's biggest fan.  Well, other than my lovely friend Barb in Florida.  I have been a fan of William since I was about 17 or something, and I saw him in A Country Practice.  His character married Kate the Ranger, and she had lots of babies breath in her hair.  Then it was Snowy, Blue Heelers, SeaChange (which the picture above is from) and beyond.  Will is so used to me turning up to every event he is at in Brisbane that he greets me with familiarity now.

And yes, I am the person who blogs over at William Watch.

Maybe you can do a blog post of the sixth photo from the sixth folder in your pictures.  Or tell me about your favourite actor.


kuhkjhkh said...

Aww Cute post! My favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds! FO SHO! what a hottie! and I could watch Just Friends every day of the week!

Nerd of the Library said...

I hope the Hynie is not reading this blog, Sleepy-D. He may feel somewhat... replaced???

BTW, I initially thought this photo was of a young Clint Eastwood.

Nerd of the Library said...

P.S., Did you see him in Kath and Kim when he wanted to get it on with Kath?
(William, I mean, not the Hynie!)

Anonymous said...

well tickle me pink, what a lovely find. I think I run a very close second to being Wills 2nd biggest fan (rather like Sharon is Kaths 2nd best friend). A very lovely photo to see and remember. I hve seen nearly everything Will has been in and right now wish I was in NZ to see his Prof Higgins in My Fair Lady. Anyone heard how that's going? Able to cop an eyeful at present as he's on tv in an ad for mens health. Gorgeous man with a caramel voice mmmmmmmm. Thanks Kath made me happy.