Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ada Lovelace Day

Today, for those of you who don't know already, is Ada Lovelace Day.  Who was Ada Lovelace you ask?  Well, she is credited with being the first female programmer.  And in honour of her birth, I have taken a pledge to blog about women in technology today.


As a woman in technology myself, I know it's not an easy career path to travel.  Long a male dominated profession, we ladies who have chosen to work in technology face a lot of challenges in our every day working lives.  From the challenges of actually obtaining employment in technological careers, through to having to endure being dismissed as "lightweights" by our male colleagues, or spoken to as though we wouldn't understand.

Quite often we're told we're not "technological enough" because we choose the so called softer side of technology to work in.  Those of us who choose to work in roles that deal with people and communication are dismissed as not really working in technology.  Yet with technology permeating so much of our lives now, women (and the men who also choose) are needed to work in communications and the people side of things.  We're the ones that get people adopting and accepting technology.  We're the ones who understand why when people don't pick up technology.

I love working in and with technology.  It fascinates me, challenges me and is always changing, growing and surprising me.  Sometimes I do get frustrated with the environment others create, but I am never bored.  And most of the time, it's FUN!

Are you a woman in technology?  Do you work with/know women in technology?  Tell me your story about women and technology.


Nerd of the Library said...

Firstly, I think it's awesome that she also has a pornstar name. Secondly, whilst I am pretty incompetent at technology, I am grateful to the brains behind 23 THINGS (i.e., YOU, Sleepydumpling) for encouraging us underconfident techno-pleb women to get out there and have a go. I really look up to women who are out there, in the technology world doing a great job! Well done, Kath. I am even buying a laptop by the end of the month to improve my skills!

Unknown said...

Well, I have to admit that before I met Kath I didn't even have a facebook account ;)

I only know one other woman who works in technology (more appropriately worked in technology).

She is brilliant not only is she fantastic but she survived thyroid cancer and now regularly sails the seven seas (REALLY) with her husband and her laptop (of course). When she runs out of money she leaves her boat in Marmaris and gets a job for a couple of months.

She is strong, intelligent and regularly harassed by pirates (nope again not kidding, one word Cuba).

As a woman working in the legal profession I think it is great to celebrate the achievements of women particularly those that can master the skills required to survive in a male dominated profession.