Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interesting Web2.0 Tools and Links

Well as promised, here are some of the interesting links I have found in my time tinkering with Web2.0 technologies. Please, if you know some other groovy ones, leave them in the comments.

Blogs – technology blogs and articles. - collect stats on your blog

RSS Feed Sites (could also be considered social bookmarking) – a blog/news feed tool


Review sites


Social Networking – chat with people looking at the same website as you! – social online shopping! – create your own social networks

Social Bookmarking

Podcasts and Vodcasts - videos – podcasts and vodcasts - podcasts and vodcasts – videos – vodcasts – make your own podcasts – social vodcasting – make your own podcasts

Image Hosting

Social Cataloguing and Databases - books - books - music - books – music – build a social website on whatever you desire! – social design – design t-shirts, badges, postcards and share them. – social design – jobsearch socially! - music

Second Life and Avatar Sites

Miscellaneous Sites (hook open source sites like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook etc to your mobile phone) – natural language search engine – widgets and webtops – product searches – for creating online polls – online polls – create your own search engine – watch the internet, tailor your site lists to see traffic, get feeds. - online storage and backup - Billy Joel Flash presentation – news portal – create a homepage of all your services on one. – online calendar publishing – homepage service – search engine for famous people – startpage – publishing – instant messaging widgets – info and lots of it! Search engine, networking, blogs… – online calendars and organisers. – homepage service – search engine based on colour recognition. – collaborative writing -