Thursday, July 31, 2008

Digital Fun at Mt Ommaney Library

Ok, I know I promised to get this up and on my blog over the weekend, but it's been a little busy and I'm in serious holiday mode, two weeks annual leave will do that to you. Not to mention that I was quite busy on Tuesday being tattooed, but that's a subject for another blog, which I may or may not also pop up tonight.

Anyhoo, on Saturday, I had the priviledge of being part of the Mt Ommaney Library Digital Media event organised by Geoff Shera. And a smashing job Geoff did of organising it too. Geoff asked me to give a presentation on Web2.0 technology, and also to be on hand for the whole event. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a day's work as much as I did on Saturday.

Most of the attendees and other presenters asked for a centralised location for all of the links and info presented at the event, and I figured here was the easiest place to do that. So, without further ado, here are all of the links from the other presenters. I will share mine in a separate blog, as I have a BIG document of them.

Peter Cox - where recycling meets design

cheap movie production – cellphone clips nokia are the biggest camera maker in the world….

‘Cellph Portraits’ Gallery
don’t bring a camera bring a phone

cctv filmmaking
FACELESS by MANU LUKSH (cctv footage reclaimed by law)
now, you don’t even need a camera to make a movie

In a society under the reformed 'Real-Time' Calendar, without history
nor future, everybody is faceless. A woman panics when she wakes up
one day with a face. With the help of the Spectral Children she slowly
finds out more about the lost power and history of the human face and
begins the search for its future.

FLIPBOOK at / Animation for free

SAND ART Ferenc Cako

the stick figure has a come a long way
xiao xiao

and more stick stuff

Yugo Nakamura = master of web/interaction
no resources really / thought and commitment to craft
yugop design museum yugo


and now …. yourself as the work??

Michael Bouwmann

A Brief History of Facebook

MySpace According to Wikipedia

Thomas' MySpace Editor

Titanium Beau - artist on MySpace

Spoonbill - MySpace Page

MySpace Profile Support

Debra Beattie

ABC Online Specials

The Sketch Book Dot Com

Australian Network for Art and Technology

Capture Wales

LiveWirez - Griffith University

Screen Australia Digital Learning

The Wrong Crowd - an online documentary

Stephen Grace - Internet Movie Database - Internet Movie Cars Database

Now I've just realised I'm missing some of the links, so I'll be back later with an edit after I've annoyed Geoff enough to send them to me!

If you do pop in to read this blog, please leave me a comment so I know I've got an audience!


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting all that up i have bookmarked it in my new delicious site...
thanks again for all your good info the other day ...
Peter Cox

Sleepydumpling said...

You're most welcome Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon, and have enjoyed tinkering around with the resources you shared.

ANAT Communications said...

Thanks Sleepy and Debra for the reference to our recently redeveloped site

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