Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well... I'm Doing It!!

Well, I had a bit of an epiphany today.

I realised that I have spent such a long time talking about wanting to go to the US and see the REAL America, not what Hollywood and CNN present to me... when there's nothing really to stop me. I have a good job to help me finance it, I don't have any major debts, I'm not tied down by any responsibilites and I am free to do whatever I please. So I made the decision today that I want to spend my 35th birthday in the US... and I want to stay there through the holiday season.

My birthday is the 25th of October. Which puts me there in time for Halloween (something I've always wanted to experience), and I would like to also experience Thanksgiving, a white Christmas and a New Year. I normally find from my birthday through the silly season very depressing as I am on my own and it's a time that highlights my loneliness. So what better a way to make it a time I will look forward to!

Hopefully I can spend that time having a look around the "real" America, visiting a lot of my penpals and Cyster friends over there.

So now I am working on what I will have to do to make this happen. My first goal after I get back from Sydney this weekend is to get my passport. I've never left the country! Then I need to start working on talking to my boss so that I can have that much leave next year (I'm sure they'll let me take it at half pay) and working on saving some money and sorting out what I need to do. It's a HUGE thing for me, as I said I've never left the country. Hell, I never left the STATE until I was 31!!

So for all of you in the States, and for those of you who have BEEN to the States... message me with suggestions on what to see/do to experience the REAL America. And everyone please help me reach this amazing goal.


Anonymous said...

you realise of course, that as nice as the u.s. is (and it is a great place to visit)

canada is nicer.

plus...the aussie dollar goes a little further in canada

either'll have a blast

Anonymous said...

You'll have to stop at some point up in Washington State, and I'll show you all around Seattle and the rest of the Puget Sound area. Just let me know when you'll be here.

And, ps.. my birthday is Oct 27th!

Deborah, aka another cyster!

Corrie said...

Hey Girlie! Come to Edmonton! Jay and I would be more then happy to host you at our place!

Loopylee said...

How exciting!!! I wish I could fit in your suitcase. Don't forget the snowglobes.

Pretty~in~Pink said...

Another place that you could visit near me is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Look at their site: to check it out. They have wines that you can purchase as well along with tours of the gardens & such.