Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Hearts and Pretty Things

Finally I am all ready to make this blog post!  It's been a weird few weeks and I've needed to take a little time out to just let myself relax, and to get my brain out of the fried and overworked zone it was in.  Now I've got time to organise something for other people.

Back in February, when the fires in Victoria were at their height, the lovely Nikki at Oh My Giddy Aunt, a fabulous keepsake jewellery store online, where I have bought some lovely jewellery myself, posted in her newsletter that she was having a birthday celebration for her store, and she asked if anyone had a school or an organisation that she could donate a gift to, for raffle to raise funds.

I didn't have a school or organisation that I could think of, but at the time I was waiting to hear from my friend Vonnie who lives down in the fire affected part of Victoria, worrying that she and her family were ok, so I emailed Nikki and suggested that perhaps I could raise money for the bushfire relief.

I got an email back from her the very next day, offering me this beautiful bangle to raffle:


Isn't it gorgeous?  And it's valued at a WHOPPING $160!  What a lovely thing to do on Nikki's behalf!  I am totally amazed at her generosity for donating this gorgeous bangle.  And no, I don't know Nikki at all, I stumbled across her site a while back after a girlfriend told me about it

It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it is even more beautiful in reality than it is in the above photograph.  And now that I'm all prepared with raffle tickets and such, I shall start the raffle.  Tickets will be $1 each and I'm going to draw the winner on the 28th of April, six weeks from today, which should give me lots of time to sell tickets and raise $$.  For those of you who are local to me, see me to buy tickets.  I'm sure we could even work something for those of you who are not local, if you would also like to buy tickets.

If you'd like to see more information on the bangle, click here. (The star design is the default, but the heart one is there too, and the different price is in the drop down menu)

Now, the next thing I want you all to do, is to go over to the website for Oh My Giddy Aunt (isn't that just the prettiest name for a jewellery shop?) and have a shop around.  Because not only is Nikki an awesome generous lady, but her jewellery is DIVINE!  Really pretty, special stuff that is just delicious to own.  I have one of her chime ball necklaces, which is so tinkly and gorgeous, I wear it a lot.

The extra bonus with Nikki's jewellery is that it is presented so beautifully when you receive it.  Right down to the groovy handwriting on the envelope, soft purple tissue paper, little ribbons and boxes and hand made gift tags.  When I received the heart bangle in the mail, it came wrapped up with this mega cute little fairy on a stick:


Everything about Oh My Giddy Aunt has a lovely personal, hand-crafted touch that is not only a delight to receive, but a delight to give too.

She has keepsakes, charms, gifts for children, bespoke fine jewellery, lockets, all kinds of beautiful pieces.

If you're looking for a gift for someone, or to spoil yourself, this is the jewellery store to go to.  You'll be supporting a generous, open hearted lady who offers beautiful products and fantastic service.  That's the kind of business I want to support.


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Love that bangle - too sweet

Nerd of the Library said...

Cute! I'm starting a new blog called Blogzilla's Bloggerama. It's still being formed. I am going to use the ideas in that book you recommended!
From Nerd (Naomi).
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